The Importance of Trying to Adult…

Hi, welcome to my corner of nonsense, martinis, and never ending stories of going down the rabbit  hole.  I have spent 95% of life thinking I knew everything and had it all figured out…then the day came I realized I knew absolutely nothing and that sobering day my dear friends,  made me realize that I am just Alice in Wonderland chasing the Rabbit.  Basically, I am almost adulting. (emphasis on almost)

My life philosophy is that the answer to any question can be found in the “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo  or “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. Thus far my days have been a  series of awkward moments and exercises in humility. I was born clumsy and awkward and never truly fitting in anywhere. I am at my best and worst funny and neurotic and bitchy and loving and a total nerd.  Not always in that order.

I have a deep love of writing  and needed a forum to actually put my words in public and stop hiding under my bed…so I started this blog. Actually, I started my first blog and have reinvented to this one. Writing has always been my passion, but to have my words read fills my anxiety riddled self up with more nervous  energy than…than something, I will fill that in later.  It is also significantly less expensive than therapy and rehab.  Unless you spill wine on your laptop…

I somehow got the cohunes to move 2,000 miles from the only home I had ever known. I don’t even like to change toothpaste so how I made that leap is still a mystery to me.  However, I have never been more myself.

My current adventure is being a Midwest girl in a Southwest world.  My Sanctuary consists of  my husband, the Harley Guy , and our (2) furry kids.  Our Toy Fox Terriers who seem to be smarter then the both of us at times.

I am lucky enough to have a spectacular modern family that seems to be growing by the minute.  My favorite people on the planet call me “Auntie” or “Grams”. I have family and friends that love me for some mysterious reason and a guy that apparently hasn’t grown tired of my fabulous weirdness yet.

I have spent my life thinking I had done most of it on my own.  Now I realize that I have never been alone ,and the tribe I have around me is amazing and I couldn’t be more blessed and thankful.  The joys of getting older and finding wisdom.  Once upon a time I had to grow up, welcome to my own yellow brick road of adulting.

For thought:

There’s another thing not everyone figures out right away: It’s almost impossible to go through life all alone. We need to find our support group — family, friends, companion, therapy gatherings, team, church or whatever. The kindergarten admonition applies as long as we live: “When you go out into the world, hold hands  and stick together.” It’s dangerous out there — lonely, too. Everyone needs someone. Some assembly is always required.-Robert Fulgum

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