That one time we were in a music video…or hell..or…

As a child I was under the impression that there would be a magical day when I would grow out of feeling awkward and hopefully just stop being horrifically clumsy  (I do not use the word horrifically lightly btw.)  Much like my dreams of being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, this is never to be.  What I wish I knew then, is that you just either get a crap ton of confidence, or an attitude of “f*ck it, these people don’t know where I live”

Recently I joined a gym.  Said gym offers an amazing number of classes, one of which is Zumba in various forms Standard?, Aqua and Step.  My first entrance into the latin music powered class was akin to what I imagine it would be to be thrown into a J-Lo video and everyone else knew the routines, and was an amazing back up dancer, and I stepped into the middle of them during their 122nd rehearsal and I was wholly unprepared.


Me to a Bestie “Um…”

Bestie  “Um..there have GOT to be hidden cameras in here”

Me “welllllll…worst case we don’t make the team right?”

Bestie “If it gets too bad let’s just start twerking”



If life is about learning lessons, I am learning that sometimes, you  turn right and kick and really, you were supposed to turn  left and kick out ,but as long as you are doing it with a bestie, you are totally taking the team to state.



Narrator : Boo does in fact continue to pursue dancing and workout glory in Zumba and makes it thru by grace and the love of a friend who pushes her to get back up after she trips over her shoe lace.


Blog Song:  Move to Miami Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull

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  1. That was me when I did a Zumba class, tripping all over myself while everyone else was ten steps ahead of me. ❤️😘

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