Culture (kind of)

Couch conversation with the HG:


HG: “WTF, why are you taking my picture?” *insert side eye glance while he is watching T.V.

Me: “There is a new Google Art App that will match your face with a famous work of art!!!” “How fun is THAT?????”  “I am in hour 2 of doing this with my friends”

HG” “Um, how is this fun?”

Me: “This is culture you heathen! also, look, you are a 1731 Milkmaid!”

HG “We have different definitions of culture…”



Narrator: “They did in fact have very different views on whether the Google Art App Selfie was culture…Boo would continue to take selfies for the next 2 hours while HG sighed heavily and turned up the volume on the T.V”

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