Menu for Serial Killers…and Jesus

Someone once told me that we are doomed to repeat history unless we learn from it.  I don’t remember if it was an actual person or I heard it in a movie, either way it has stuck with me.  Maybe it was a quote by someone famous? I will need to  go to the Google later to investigate.  I wrote the below post not realizing it would come back to haunt me.  While at church our Pastor was handing out very nice stickers with the name of our church on them for people to place on their vehicles.  I was all about it until this conversation:


Pastor:  “Here you go HG, hard for people to speed with this on their car eh?”

HG:       “This is absolutely going on my wife’s car for that very reason”

Me :         Nervous giggle “Ha Ha, this would be great on your car honey”  *insert pointed look at the HG”

HG:         “Yep, she is a speeder, never does less than 10 over…”

Pastor:     “Oh, well then this is definitely going on her car lol”



As we are walking away


Me:        “Dude, did you just use Jesus to get me to not speed?”

HG:        “yep, with no shame”

Me:         “I couldn’t even flip people off if that is on my car!!!!”

HG:         “That’s the plan”

Me:          “You just made me a target on the road because everyone is going to assume that I am going to be all peaceful and law abiding and then I am going to start speeding and ruin their preconceived notions AND make the church look bad AND let Jesus down”  “you just ruined my life, I hope you are happy” I WILL BE LETTING DOWN JESUS!



Narrator:   The actual saying is “Those you cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana (16 December 1863 in Madrid, Spain – 26 September 1952 in Rome, Italy) was a philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist.  The writer of this blog also does allot of repeats.


Blog Song:   Jesus take the Wheel-Carrie Underwood.  (Could it be anything else?)


The previous post:


Conversation I had while in the car, and by “I”  I mean I am fairly certain HG had tuned me out.


Me:  “Do those sticker families ever make you feel that you know too much about that particular family?”

HG  “Honestly, I never pay attention, and don’t care”

Me:  ” I feel like its an advertisement for serial killers”

HG “What the f…………”

Me: ‘Its all hey, look at us, we have three children, 2 dogs a cat and my wife plays tennis”  “Please come kill us, you know who lives in our house”

HG “You are so not okay on many, many, many levels”

Me: “If we get stick people, I want ours to be Ninja’s holding guns and swords”

HG “I am turning the radio up now”

Me” “like, the killer could be all “oh, they only have cats, cats won’t attack us, lets put them on the top of the list”

Me: “you are not concerned that serial killers don’t see this as a menu at all?”

HG: “I am concerned that your brain works this way”

Me: “I am concerned you are WAY too complaisant about serial killers”



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